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Dive into the fascinating world of sea slugs through our online photo gallery. Discover the vibrant colors, unique features, and diverse marine opisthobranchs, including nudibranchs, headshield slugs, sea hares, and flatworms, in their natural habitats.
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Sea Slugs

Sea Slugs

Welcome to our online photo gallery of sea slugs, or marine opisthobranchs – one of the most colorful and diverse groups of marine invertebrates. These remarkable creatures come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – making them one of the most interesting animals in the sea.  Opisthobranchs include nudibranchs, headshield slugs, sea hares, and flatworms.  In this gallery, you’ll find photographs of these beautiful sea slugs in their natural habitats, showcasing their vibrant colors and unique features. Our aim is to showcase the incredible diversity and beauty of these fascinating creatures, and to inspire appreciation for the rich biodiversity of the aquatic world. We hope you enjoy our collection, and share it with others who may appreciate these amazing sea slugs.

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September 14, 2023


Marine Wildlife, Molluscs, Sea Slugs